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“Hilarious, moving, and completely entertaining, this is a novel you can devour in one bite…With Neurotically Yours, Ms. Trachtenberg has hit another home run!” —The Long Island Tribune

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“Wedlocked speaks to so many people…Trachtenberg’s appealing wit and ability to create characters that jump off the page and into our hearts has a lot to do with it…I highly recommend this book.”—The Long Island Tribune

“If I had had Ms. Trachtenberg’s book in my darkest hours, I would have realized I would rise again and there was no need to resort to such drastic measures. FYI: Cobra bites sting like the devil.”—Cleopatra

“Anyone who thinks thirteen little colonies would take on the behemoth British Empire without a healthy dose of delusion is just plain crazy. That’s why we credit Trachtenberg’s book with inspiring us to the revolution that birthed our great nation.”—The Founding Fathers