Neurotically Yours

Smart, attractive, and ambitious, thirty-seven-year-old Dara Harrison is, nonetheless, still single, and on sabbatical from dating. Ironically Los Angeles’ most renowned relationship advice columnist, Dara has become a Southland sensation with her “tell-it-like-it-is” approach to the mating game.

Parlaying her success into a new business, Dara launches a revolutionary dating service geared for the perennially single and romantically challenged. Its no-holds-barred theme soon makes the company a roaring success, even catapulting Dara onto the national talk show scene, until, of course, it all backfires.

With her company under threat and a publicity stunt gone haywire, Dara is forced to join the ranks of her lonely heart clientele, and suddenly realizes that saving the business she cherishes, means facing her lifelong fears, and maybe even falling in love again.

Witty, poignant, and immensely engaging, this romantic comedy from the bestselling author of Wedlocked: A Novel features sparkling dialogue, colorful characters, and a story that pulls you in and never lets you go.


PRAISE FOR Neurotically Yours

“Hilarious, moving, and completely entertaining, this is a novel you can devour in one bite. With Neurotically Yours, Ms. Trachtenberg has hit another home run!”

The Long Island Tribune

“Neurotically Yours had me hooked instantly, offering laugh-out-loud moments, brilliant lines, and a realistic portrait of all kinds of human emotion. I particularly adored the vibrant and colorful characters, including a reiki-dispensing feline! Brilliant reading and great entertainment skillfully delivered.”

–Nicky Wells, author of Sophie’s Turn

“This novel is a roller coaster ride of emotions and you are with Dara all the way, getting mad, having fun, getting confused and more than a little neurotic, shedding a tear, and then falling madly and terrifyingly in love with ‘The One.’  I absolutely loved this story and once I started reading it I found it hard to put down.”

–Janice Horton, author of Reaching for the Stars

“What’s not to love about Neurotically Yours? Dara is the perfect flawed heroine, quirky, relentless, and ultimately, completely loveable.”

–Kaira Rouda, award-winning author of Here, Home, Hope

“Back with a second novel that’s both giggle-out-loud funny and at times touching, Trachtenberg gives readers a sneak peek into the Los Angeles dating scene. Featuring a great main character, snappy dialogue, and an engrossing storyline, Neurotically Yours is hard to put down!”

–Jessica Strassner, bestselling author of The One Who Got Away

“Witty, sharp, and emotional, a perfect tale of love, loss and the dating game.”

–Mandy Baggot, author of Strings Attached

“I loved Neurotically Yours! It features a dazzling set of characters. Each page is full of clever banter and charming references to the nonsense we pet owners say on a daily basis to our furry children. Prepare to laugh, fume, and finally swoon with this endearing story.”

–Christine Cunningham, bestselling author of First Snow

“Bonnie Trachtenberg brings such life to her characters in Neurotically Yours that I imagined them as real people, and this actually happening to someone I knew personally. I honestly couldn’t put this book down! I wanted to keep reading until I knew the ending, and then I wanted to read more!

–Emerald Barnes, author of Read Me Dead