Bonnie Trachtenberg graduated from New York University with a major in Film and Television Production. She promptly found a job on a B movie you never heard of. Four days later she retired from her film career after working the craft service truck and throwing her back out while attempting to lift a man-sized coffee urn.

Realizing she was meant to be a writer, Bonnie worked 4,749 crappy jobs (give or take) on two coasts before being published in a national magazine. Her writing career then took her from the health and fitness field to the entertainment industry to journalism and public relations before she landed her dream job as Senior Staff Writer/Copy Chief at Book-of-the-Month Club. There, she wrote hundreds of book reviews and hobnobbed with the literati. At this time, she also began work on her first novel.

Five years later, Bonnie was laid off along with 500 of her colleagues after a corporate takeover. She did not despair, but instead took it as a sign from the heavens that it was time to finally finish her freaking book already. She did. Her debut novel, Wedlocked, was released in June 2011. It became a Kindle Bestseller and won the GOLD Readers Favorite Award, the Beach Book Festival Award, and the Indie Excellence Award. Her second, Neurotically Yours was released in April, 2012. It also won the GOLD Readers Favorite Award, became a Double Winner of the Indie Excellence Award, and was an award-winning finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. A third novel is in the works.

Bonnie lives on Long Island with her husband Mitchell Silbowitz. The two were high school friends who met up again in 2003, renewed their friendship, and then fell in love. She has four cats, and a dog who wishes he was a cat.